Employment law is at the core of ASCENT

As a business law firm structured around a group of specialists in employment law, ASCENT has developed strong expertise in consulting and litigation, to meet the needs of French and international companies, groups, voluntary organizations and startups.

ASCENT is a law firm that understands employment law as a tool for organizing the company and improving the performance of its human resources.

A group combining Human Resources and Employment Law

For its clients’ HR projects, ASCENT works with privileged partners with specific skills, such as consulting firms, psychosocial risk prevention organizations, professional development coaches, and more.

The proven experience of its litigation partners ensures a relevant and accurate assessment of social, criminal and financial risk, as well as a detailed and targeted strategy for resolving disputes.

ASCENT brings lawyers specializing in other areas of business law to work with this employment law group to meet the specific demands of companies.

A wide range of economic sectors

Our clients are active in: insurance, agro-food, banking, cosmetics, digital, packaging, education, clothing, high tech, media, metallurgy, the community sector, consulting, telecommunications, tourism, road and rail transport, and more.

What brought us together at ASCENT

Marie-Hélène Fournier and Joséphine Imbert are, above all, experienced, positive and combative lawyers.

Specializing in employment law, they shared a professional journey in Barthélémy & Associés, where they worked for several years on the same team.

They understood each other immediately because they share the same vision of their practice, based on a close working relationship with their clients, an understanding of the strategic and human challenges faced by companies and a strong sense of ethics.

Both pursued their career in business law firms where they brought their know-how as experts in the field of employment law to cases including broader issues of company law, competition law and insolvency.

They share the conviction that employment law is essential to the success of companies.

And outside work …

“We have the same passion for mountains and running. Our commitment to self-improvement is a constant in our profession as well as our personal life … We also love dance and opera and actively support them through sponsorship.”

ASCENT supports “Compagnie des Guides de Chamonix Relief Fund”, the Friends of the Paris Opera (AROP), and “Vert-Avenir – Enfance au Vietnam”.

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