In dealing with our clients’ cases, we maintain close contact with the institutions concerned: the Labor Inspectorate, representatives of central and local government, the social security contributions agency (URSSAF), the data protection authority (CNIL) etc.


Standards and contract management

• Specific clauses in contracts / agreements
• Secondment and expatriation
• Delegation of powers and company mandates
• Optimization of executive compensation
• IT Charters, Ethical Charters / Codes of Conduct
• Disciplinary law


Health / Well-being at work

• Prevention of discrimination and management of controls by the equal opportunities and anti-discrimination commission (HALDE)
• Prevention of psychosocial risks and management of harassment situations
• Establishment of warning systems and declaration to the CNIL
• Occupational accidents / ill health


Collective bargaining

• Agreements on working hours
• Annual consultation on pay
• Collective bargaining framework agreements
• Redundancy programs: voluntary departure and employment safeguarding plans
• QWL agreements, teleworking, right to disconnect and digitization of work
• IORP management


Pre-litigation and litigation

• Negotiated termination of employment
• Prevention and management of URSSAF controls
• Social security litigation
• Criminal litigation on employment cases
• Individual and collective employment litigation
• Administrative law litigation
• Litigation concerning elections