ASCENT offers your Company:

• In-depth knowledge on all areas of employment law
• A global vision of the company, its challenges and its economic constraints
• A broader understanding of the profession: surrounding ourselves with a multi-disciplinary team to respond to human resources issues
• A respected legal offer in all areas of business law (company law, mergers and acquisitions, tax law, competition law etc.)
• A training offer for companies
• ASCENT sends a newsletter to its clients so that they always have up to date information on employment law.


ASCENT Services

• Legal support on a specific topic or an identified project
• Telephone subscription
• Advice and legal watch subscriptions
• Training: current legal news or specific topics such as the Macron Ordinances, the reform of employment tribunal procedures, prevention of psychosocial risks, the terms of reference and powers of employee representatives (at company, group and European Company Works Council level, etc), management of fixed-term contracts
• Representation in court, Employment Tribunals, Courts of Appeal, Regional Court of First Instance (Civil and Criminal Chambers), Social Security Tribunals, District Courts, the Administrative Court



The method of fee calculation depends on the service requested:

1/ Fees based on time spent, with an agreed hourly rate) and summaries of action taken
2/ A flat fee when the request is limited and the time required can be assessed
3/ Success fees based on earnings or savings made
4/ A subscription based on prior assessment of legal needs